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I don’t get a lot of sleep, it’s a lot of fun being an insomniac. I’ve tried different ways to wake but 5 hour energies and 3-4 cups of coffee usually made me crash around lunch time. I’d head off to lunch then where I’d come back slightly in a food coma. You see the delicate here? After lunch I still have 5 hours left before I get to clock out and call it a day.

I’ve searched Google over and over and I kept seeing articles about yoga poses in the morning. That gave me a new mission, to find said yoga poses. There was a lot but I focused in on the poses that gave energy and opened up my chest.

I have also found it is better than have a great yoga mat. While doing yoga, it is meant to relax and refresh so sitting on a stiff mat doesn’t sound all that relaxing or refreshing huh? I recommend doing your yoga mat research before purchasing a mat you’ll be using daily.

I have tweaked the routine over time with what really helps me. I love not only the energy I have but also that it takes 10 minutes! I can hardly function when i open my eyes at 5:30am, so 10 minutes i can do!

Cat-Cow Pose
Come onto your hands and knees, stacking your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your knees. Begin to move your spine in a rhythmic motion: With every inhalation, arch your back and lift your sitting bones and chest into Cow; with every exhalation, round your back and tuck your chin and pelvis into Cat.

Knee-to-Nose Pose
From Downward-Facing Dog Pose, lift your right leg up high behind you, then round your spine as you draw knee to chest. Keep your pelvis low and round your upper spine toward the sky. Hug your right thigh to your chest and knee to your nose. Keep pressing the floor with your hands. Return to Downward Dog and then repeat with the left leg.

Table Top pose
From all fours, lift your belly in toward your spine. Extend your right leg and left arm. Bend your right leg and take hold of your foot with your left hand. Kick your foot into your hand as you begin to twist and open your chest into a backbend. Try gazing up. This pose creates heat, challenges your balance, and gently warms up your spine. Repeat on the other side.

Flip Dog pose
From Downward Dog, lift your right leg and arm and pivot on your left foot. Spin your torso and hips open to the ceiling, and lower your right foot down to the inside of your left foot. Reach your right arm toward the wall behind you. Keep your feet parallel to each other, pressing firmly into the floor. Return to Downward Dog and do Flip Dog on the other side.

Side Plank Pose
Un-flip your Dog and roll your heels to the right. Shift your weight into your right hand and the outer edge of your right foot. Stack your left foot on top of your right. Fire up your thigh muscles; press your feet and hand down as you lift your hips. Extend your left arm to the ceiling. (If this is too intense, you can lower your bottom knee to the floor.) repeat on the left.

These are the poses that work best for me. I like the benefits of each pose, you can find their benefits below.

Benefits of Cat-Cow Pose
Improves posture and balance, strengthens and stretches the spine and neck, stretches the hips, abdomen and back, increases coordination, massages and stimulates organs in the belly, like the kidneys and adrenal glands.
Creates emotional balance, relieves stress and calms the mind.

Benefits of knee to nose pose
It will energize and invigorate the body, and build stamina in the core muscles.

Benefits of table top pose
Opens the chest and shoulders.

Benefits of flip dog pose
Stretches the chest, shoulders and throat
Opens the hips and hip flexors
Stretches and strengthens the back
Energizes the body and mind

Benefits of side Plank Pose
Improves Balance, improves concentration, strengthens arms and wrists, side plank requires you to balance on one arm.

If you’ve had a knee, elbow, or ankle injury talk to your doctor before trying any of these poses.

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  1. Love that this isn’t just the standard sun salutation, and that you mix it up! I’ve been wanting to get back into yoga, but I’ve gotta find a time each day I can devote to my practice.

  2. I love this! I’ll definitely be pinning this. I’ve been trying to get into yoga recently and I think this would be great for me.

  3. I’d love to learn yoga sometime 🙂

  4. Great list of poses. I dabbled a little bit in yoga during my college years and loved it, but since then haven’t done it. I have a toddler and an infant, so I get little sleep and though I love my coffee, it doesn’t provide the boost I need. I’m going to give your list of poses a try for a week or two and see if I see an improvement in my energy level. Thank you for sharing!

    Lisa at Dreams and Caffeine

  5. I’ve always wanted to start my day with yoga. I’ll have to try this routine out sometime! I love that it only takes 10 minutes. I don’t give myself a lot of extra time in the morning!

  6. Love starting the day with yoga! So relaxing!

  7. That’s so great for you to share your research here. I have to get yoga started, love that it takes little time. I noticed as adults many of us don’t even stretch right in the morning, did you know children naturally do when they wake up?

  8. Yoga is the best way to stretch and relax.Improved flexibility helps improve sleep

  9. This is awesome. I’ve been looking for ways to add yoga back into my morning routine. I found it was a good way to start my day… Thanks for the tips!

  10. I just did yoga this weekend after years of not doing it, and it reminded me that I REALLY need to get into it again. This post is extremely timely, thank you!

  11. I’ve been wanting a quick, easy morning yoga routine to try and this looks perfect for me!

  12. This is such a great idea! I’m an awful sleeper and I’ve been wanting to incorporate yoga into my life for a while now! This seems like an easy way to do so!

  13. Thanks for sharing your post! When I get up in the morning I always stretch. Will try these yoga poses. Do you have photos of how to do the poses?

  14. I LOvE this! I’ve really been wanting To get into a morning Yoga routine but wasn’t sure where to start.

  15. I’ve never tried yoga before but I definitely have expressed interest in it. I’ve been meaning to look up so pregnancy yoga because I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I feel like it could really be beneficial.

  16. I take melatonin gummies every night and I think they really work! Those yoga poses seem easy enough though. I will have to try them and see if my body can still move that way. LOL!

  17. Good post – thanks. I tend to have the same issues with sleep and I have never found caffeine much help. I will try to give yoga a try. The worst that can happen is I get in better shape!

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