I think it’s fun to read more about the inner workings of other bloggers. As weird as that may seem, think about it. It is only human nature to be curious.

I would like to introduce you to my brother, my twin brother. I like to think i got the brains and of course he likes to think he got the looks.

So I’m not too sure if it has anything to do with being twins or just siblings but we have a bond forever that can’t be broken. Although him & i are like Yin & Yang, not alike in any way really we will always be here for one another.

He seems to be my voice of reason, always willing to take time out for a chat to unwind my nerves. I talk to him about financial decisions i think of making as well. Everything and anything can be talked about or through need it be over lunch or a beer and a glass of wine.

Unlike others he doesn’t judge me for simply being me. He has never once told me i was in the way, being over dramatic, or to “get over it” when i am having an anxious day.

Him & i got matching tattoo’s, right on our left rib cages (the closest place to our hearts). We both loved Toy Story growing up so we decided to incorporate a little piece of that into our design. His reads “To Infinity” & mine “And Beyond” inside the infinity circle.

We do argue at times but i wouldn’t trade the love we have for each other for anything in this world. I wish everyone had someone they could talk to and depend on in their life like the one and only i confide in.

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  1. It is so great getting to know about the bloggers we read. Thank you for telling us something about you. It must be awesome having a twin, I can only imagine.

  2. Aww how sweet! My parents are both twins so I can see the special bond with them and their siblings. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aww! That is really sweet. My dads best frirnds are twins, we were actually born on their birthday too hah.

  3. It sounds like you and your brother have an amazing bond! How sweet are those matching tattoos?? 🙂

    1. Haha, yeah. He is ok i guess. Jk yeah, we do and i am so grateful.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I have good relationship with my brother and sister too, and I love that. Your tattoos are amazing.


    1. I wouldn’t know what to do without him, i am sure you feel the same about your siblings.

  5. Hey Leslie, this was a fun read. I like your set of tattoos. very clever!

    1. I came up with the idea on a whim, i had no idea he would agree. Haha.

  6. So awesome! I love your tattoos! I have twin boys that will be 5-years-old in May. I really hope they have as strong of a bond as you and your brother.

    1. Aww! Your boys are adorable. Oh trust me they may not while they are younger but they will grow out of it.

  7. my brother has twins. the girl is four minutes older than her brother, and i do my best to illustrate the importance of that. one saturday, they were over for a family dinner. they like to go for what they call a walk: i walk; they ride their bicycles. my nephew had taken off without his helmet. my niece had put her helmet on and was about to follow when i stopped her and made her get his helmet to take to him. she was not pleased. i was like: you’re your brother’s keeper; that’s part of the gig of being the older one.

    they crack me up. they’re very in tune to each other. but good god, they fight.

    i love the tattoos.

    1. Aww, haha. Yeah when we were little i kond of dictated so my parents say. They will learn how important one another are as they get older. My brother is 30 seconds older than me hah so i call him my big brother.

  8. This is great. My sister and I always talked about getting matching tattoos. We’re not twins but at only 11 months apart, we were pretty close. I lost my sister to suicide in 2015. I feel like I lost half my heart. Her death left me with such a fire in my heart about suicide prevention. Many schools have no suicide prevention program in place, I’m making it my life’s mission to change that. I won’t stop until someone will listen. This was a great post!!

    1. Oh my gosh Connie, i am so sorry! I do believe more emphasis needs to be put on suicide prevention myself. With the bullying and other things going on these days, we need all the help we can get and someone who is genuine and actually wants to help.

  9. Aw that is so sweet! I love the tattoos!

    1. Thank you Beth! I call him my wombmate, we have 6 sets of twins in our family. The older ones have followed our lead and gotten something together too.

  10. I love this! My Brother and I are not as close as I would like and I hate that. You are lucky to have your twin and your friend for life. Nice post!

    1. Sometimes it just takes a ahile to realise it is going to be family aho is always there for ya. We haven’t always been so close but we grew into over the years.

  11. Awww! Loved reading this! My mom is a twin and definitely has a very special connection with her sister–she and her sister look nothing alike, but what’s funny is that one of my sisters looks like the spitting image of my Mom’s twin. Twins are special!

    1. Haha, that is some good stuff. It is all in thise genes. There are 6 sets of twins in my family so the gene runs rampant hah. I have no idea how i would handle two at a time. Whew.

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