Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Review

In March I became a Beach Body coach and discovered Shakeology. I’m loving the exercises and the shakes. Every month I get a flavor of my choice or a new flavor. I’ve liked each flavor I’ve tried so far which have been chocolate (it tastes like a fudge brownie), Tropical Strawberry (it’s Vegan), & Cafe Latte (look out Starbucks), I can’t pick my favorite because I like them all equally. I love sweets so yeah, that is my downfall. I’m all about Shakeology this main reason, it helps with my junk food cravings. I drink a sweet shake that acts like a treat but keeps me satisfied for hours. None of the KitKat, Snickers, or Three Musketeers bars can do that. If you get tired of drinking the same shake everyday until your delivery next month skip over to my Pinterest board of shake recipes. The Cookies -n- cream is my favorite!

I like that if you have a food allergy to dairy or soy there is a Shakeology shake for you too. The chocolate or Tropical strawberry shakes are dairy free, lactose free, & soy free. Instead of animal proteins, they contain a proprietary blend of plant-based proteins that are ideal for those who wish to avoid whey or animal proteins.

How does it stand out from other shakes? The fiber and probiotics help support regularity so you can eliminate waste naturally from your digestive system. The healthy blend of prebiotics, fiber, and probiotics help support a healthy intestinal tract. The digestive enzymes also help your body to support the absorption of nutrients. Plus it doesn’t contain any liver harming ingredients like diet pills or other some other shakes.

The benefits of Shakeology are also pretty sweet (yes, that pun was intended). Shakeology can help lose weight, reduce junk food cravings (this is the main reason for me), provide healthy energy, & support your digestion and regularity.

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  1. I have heard of this..But we tried it!! This sure sounds yum!

  2. I use a protein that I feel like is more for men trying to bulk up. I think this may be the kind for me. I’d love to try it!

  3. I’ve heard a lot of Shakeology, but haven’t tried them yet. This looks really good!

  4. Yummm.. Looking delicious and healthy too!! I have been thinking about trying this out.

    1. I love them. I use to drink them as breakfast but since I don’t get off work until 6pm, I drink them for dinner.

  5. I’ve heard such great things about shakeology and that flavour sounds delicious! I love that there are options for different allergies.

    1. I thought it was pretty awesome of the shakeology team to come up with a solution so everyone could enjoy them.

  6. It sounds very healthy and also tasty,but I doubt I will find it in India or not

    1. Maybe not yet, keep an eye out though!

  7. I need something that is going to help me lose weight and it seems easy to make. So I may have to check it out.

    1. I use soy milk to make mine. I love that after I drink it I don’t even think about food for hours so I can stay focused.

  8. All the flavors sound really yummy. The tropical strawberry sounds great for summer. I also have a sweet tooth, but made it 30 days without sugar, so I know I can do it. I just don’t want to all the time. This sounds like a great alternative. I have a few friends that do this, and love it.

    1. I wish I could drop sugar! My brother keeps trying to get me to do the sugar detox and I usually last about oh 12 hours. It’s sad. You go girl!

  9. I need something like this for the on the go Mom mornings we have been having lately. Only 6 more days of school and counting!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this!!

    1. Haha, check it out. You can opt to change your flavor every month too.

  10. I really wish I liked protein shakes. I’ve tried Shakeology and I can’t get over the taste for me. I always look at these great recipes and they look so good but everytime I try, it ends up with the same results. So glad you’ve found something that has worked.

    1. I’ll admit it wasn’t what I was thinking before I tried it. It took a little getting use to. After a little modification it’s great though. Protein shakes aren’t for everyone though. At least you tried it.

  11. Yum, yum, yum! I have been thinking about trying this out.

    1. I love it! I’ll throw a banana in with my tropical strawberry, oh it’s so good!

  12. Oh yummy! And healthy just makes it even better

    1. My thoughts exactly.

  13. Valerie Robinson says: Reply

    Looks nice and healthy! My friend sells them and I’m looking forward to trying.

  14. Yum yum, healthy and delicious Ill take it! xo

  15. Actually it looks pretty nice and yummy, and moreover is great that you can have a lot of variant for every taste.
    But I still to think that the best shakes are the one using just fresh ailments 🙂 …

  16. That sounds like a tasty and healthy shake! I’ve heard of Shakeology, but never knew the benefits.

  17. Looks yummy! It’s awesome that there are a bunch of recipes to mix things up.

  18. Really cool. I have been seeing Shakeology for a while. I’m pretty particular about my shakes. I’ve tried a few different brands. As long as its sweet enough and not too proteiny-tasting, I’m all in for it. These sound pretty good.

  19. I’ve never tried any of these shakes as I’m not sure whether they are available in the UK. I’d love to try them though to help with my sugar cravings.

  20. I have been using shakes to loose weight. These sound great too there are a lot out there with a whole lot of junk in them.

  21. This shake sounds like a healthy treat. Have to try them out

  22. I’ve never had any of these but had been considering trying them with my workouts. They seem to pack a punch!

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