The Brain Behind The Blog

Isn’t it fun to know the brains behind the blog operation? We all share unique content but other than reading the carefully put together “About Me” section, we really don’t know the random quirks about the blogger behind the blog.

Do you pick your nose and wipe it under your car seat? (i hope not!), are you a secret agent like Perry the platypus (i still like Phineas & Ferb), or do you like to perform magic shows on the weekends while you entertain guests.

I am going out on a limb to share a few random quirks of my own.

01. I always eat dessert first when i go out to eat. (My sweet tooth is an evil uncompromising being).
02. My least favorite word in the English language is the word “moist”. (You can read the other 3 too)
03. When i lay down to sleep at night, i check to make sure my Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Green Aventurine, & Rhondinite crystals are safely under my pillow.
04. I have recently gotten into crystals, Chakra’s, and meditation. I knew meditation was great but never knew how awesome it felt!
05. I quit my full time corporate job to pursue freelance writing full time. I am so grateful i was able to do so.
06. I live with chronic migraine, some days are more of a struggle than others but i know my triggers and when i need to take it easy. Sometimes i laugh at myself wearing sunglasses inside at my computer working on a project.
07. I love baking and playing with my food. It is so much fun using food as a medium as opposed to clays or paints.
08. I have wanderlust something bad. The only problem is i am terrified of flying, ya see the dilemma? Hah.
09. My all time favorite animal is the moose. I absolutely have no idea why but i have loved them since i was little.
10. I have no idea how to do makeup. I have no idea how to contour my face either. Thank God the girl at Bare Minerals store showed me how to put on my foundation and bronzer, hah. I can apply eyeliner and mascara though.
11. My role model is my twin brother, i have no idea what i would do without him.
12. I am a mug whore! I love mugs of all kinds! I love their colors, size, sassy sayings, and cute handles. I have over 75 coffee mugs!
13. Orchids are the most beautiful flower to me. I don’t have a green thumb so i can’t keep them alive for very long though.
14. I have suffered from anxiety for as long as i can remember. It is hard to sit at stop lights or in traffic. I can’t do big crowds for too long because it gets physically exhausting. I do try to be as normal as i can though.
15. I want to write a book. It is one of my lifetime goals. I have no idea what it will be about or when i will get around to it. Its something i have wanted to do since i was a little girl.

I would love it if you told me one random thing about yourself too. I hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. Crazy as it might sound, this is my first comment despite a large number of visits. I just needed to thank you for all your articles you shared before, this one, in particular, is a home run in my humble opinion.

  2. This is such a fun post! I love desserts but I eat it at the end. I always crave for something sweet after eating a meal. How cool is it that you have a twin? I always wanted one when I was younger 😁

    1. didn’t type in my website properly! was in a rush, as always!!
      it is

  3. Way to go. This is an unstoppable and helpful post. Cheers!

  4. Such a great post! I like to order two desserts instead of a main dish, so I guess I’m even weirder. I also read magazines beginning at the last page 😀

    1. Haha that is awesome! I found ny twin, well my triplet since i already have a twin. Hah. I love dessert.

  5. Such a lovely post! 😊 Thanks for sharing these little snippets with us! To share some quiet facts about me, I don’t know how to use make up either! 😅 Also I have no idea why I have always liked the word ‘milk’!

    1. Haha! That’s great stuff! I have never thought about ‘milk’ being a likeable word. I am terrible at trying to do makeup, hah its laughable. Thank you for stopping by! I hope ya have a great day.

  6. I’m a huge fan of posts like this because, you’re right, people like to know the person behind the blog! I’m with you on the wanderlust but fear of flying thing!

  7. Hmmm looks as though we might be some kind of soul sisters! We have so much in common! I love crystals I have a nice little collection of them but I’ve never slept with them under my pillow I am intreigued you should post about it!!!

  8. Writing a book is one of my goals too. I don’t know how to do makeup either. I’ve been having a lot of wanderlust as well.

  9. What a fun post! I love baking, too 🙂

  10. These are great! I’m also a mug fiend, and have an owl mug and probably one from every museum/fair/vacation spot that I’ve ever visited.

    1. I love owls! Where did you find rhat mug?? Eeek! I need one haha. I am the same way. I love going to fairs around the area where the handmade pottery is, score! Hah

  11. Oh my gosh, great idea for a post! I’m not a big fan of the word “moist” either. I wonder why so many don’t like it. And 75 coffee mugs?? Where do you store them all?

    1. I don’t know why a lot of people dont like that word, hah. I have a ton of cabinet space in the kitchen hah which is great for all of my mugs.

  12. Girl we have so much in common….I love travelling but hate, hate, hate flying! And mugs! Oh my gosh, I have so many, I try to throw some away every time we move but the cupboards are still full to bursting! Also have no idea how to do make-up but I’m happy with that 🙂

    Dani x |

    1. It is so hard to throw mugs away, hah. I love them all. I am glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t know how to do make up. Hah.

  13. I always think blogs should represent the one behind the blog. Sharing about us with our readers will help us motivate them to continue reading and getting to know us. I do want to write a book too, don’t know what I am waiting for. LOL!

    1. That is what i was thinking, i am still trying to mold and shape this blog. I had no idea how many people want to write books, hah it is hard to find time though.

  14. I enjoyed this post Leslie, good to get to know you better. A random thing about me. I’m a terrible worrier even if it’s just a tiny thing I end blowing it completely out of proportion, then when the world doesn’t end I wonder what I made such a fuss about. Until the next thing comes round the corner that is!

    1. Oh my gosh i am the same way! I worry about everything and i have since i can remember. My mom asks why i do it but i really dont know so i just say i am beibg realistic. Hah

  15. Love learning things about the blogger behind the blog. I have anxiety too!! I don’t even drive yet because it terrifies me.

    Mugs are great. I’m running out of room though!


    1. I wouldn’t drive if i didn’t have to. Traffic gives me the worst anxiety of all! I am constantly looking everywhere to watch everyone else. I can’t stop buying cups! Hah.

  16. Love these types of posts! I also have no idea how to do makeup. 😉

    1. Hah, yay someone else who doesn’t do makeup. I don’t feel so alone. Hah.

  17. These are awesome fun facts. I love moose, too!

    1. Moose are the best. I want one but my boyfriend keeps telling no but he did buy me a realstic stuffed animal moose. Hah.

  18. What a great post and I absolutely love the name of your blog. One thing about me? I hate so called “chick flicks” / rom coms. My husband and I trade places because I will watch all the action /thriller / serious drama stuff and he will watch the others. We both end up watching both but when it comes to who picks what…

    1. Yeah, don’t do chick flicks either, i like destruction and fire! Hah. Thank you for the kibd words on my blog name!

  19. I love getting to know the brains behind the blog too and you’re right–we don’t tend to stop by to read the about sections very often so this is a wonderful intro 🙂 I’m the same with big groups and tend to feel overwhelmed very easily and anxious if I can’t pick my spot in a restaurant (I hate to feel boxed in).

    I don’t know how to makeup either. Some things are best left to the professionals 😉

    1. I am the same way about restaurants too! I am so glad it isn’t just me. Hah i agree, somethings are left to the professionals.

  20. What a fun post! Its great to get to know you a little better. My favorite animal is the okapi 🙂

    1. I had never heard of the okapi but those are awesome! How have i never seen them before.

  21. Oh…my wanderlust is out of control!! I’m in NC too- yay! I’m not a fan of the word moist either, but I just included it in my latest post. Loved reading your post!

    1. Haha that word makes it into a lot of tv commerical and cooking shows too. Where at in NC? We should grab coffe sometime if there is an NC met up, ever. Hah.

  22. I have no idea how to do makeup either! I don’t think I would even wear it if I did know, though. I just don’t have the time or desire to put it on everyday. Me putting on makeup includes a swipe of mascara and some lip gloss. Watch out!

    1. Hah i an the same way with makeup. A swipe of mascara and eyeliner and i am on my way out the door. I do want to play with lip gloss though.

  23. You are not the only one I know who dislikes that word lol Im not a huge make up kinda gal. Im more of a mascara and lip gloss 🙂

    1. I want to try new lip gloss colors this summer and fall. I think it would ve fun to try corals or reds, have never done that in my life.

  24. I hate the words “cheese” and “boot.” Something about those double vowels! haha

    1. Hah that is too funny, too many vowels. I love it! Yeah, cheese is a weird one since i am stopping to think about it.

  25. I still love Phineas and Ferb too! I actually watched a couple episodes last week. haha

    1. I love cartoons, they keep ya young. I fall asleep to Adult Swim hah those are pretty crazy. Bob’s Burgers is usually on when i pass out.

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