That Feeling

Have you ever had where you just get that feeling it is going to be one of those days, the one where you forget your breakfast, leave a blue ink stain on your white pants, spill your coffee all over your desk and yourself, & top it all off burn a batch of protein Sugar cookies? If not, consider yourself lucky!!

On days like these I can’t get my spirits up (i bake because it makes me feel good. Not so much when I burn my creations though) no matter how hard I try or what I try to do.

I had an extremely trying weekend where everything was a mess, my anxiety was through the roof (which is an understatement, i really dont like that feeling.) and when i did pull myself out of bed i was rather disappointed with how events played out (i didn’t even do my morning yoga routine – so that tells you something), i went back to bed and pulled the blankets over my head without even fighting it.

The days when i get dressed up, do my makeup, and have somewhere to be i feel motivated, confident, and pretty but what nobody else knows is there are times wishing i was someone else, rather than trying to figure out how to love myself. I am slowly starting to realize though that i should stop trying to fix myself and be comfortable in my own skin.

I like to look at inspirational quotes which make me feel better about the tiny pity party i throw myself. They give the hypothetical smack in the face that i need, i keep my favorite ones on a Pinterest board so i can revisit them as i need to.

If you’ve had a weekend like i have or you just need a little motivational push to fix your crown (i have been reading “Girl Code”) here are a few inspiring words to carry you through your day.




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  1. My life has been seemingly out of whack lately. Maybe it’s just a funk before Spring really gets here. I had a lot of change in the first quarter of this year, so I think my stress level is just over it and I’m ready for better things and sunshine. Hang in there. I do agree when you get up, get dressed and put on some makeup you do feel more put together and ready to conquer your day!

  2. I completely get it. I have days like this where I feel like I’m running on a hamster wheel and getting no where!! I love the quote about the rain. I always tell my girls, the sun shines brightest the day after a storm….I think they’re finally starting to get it lol. Great article

  3. I’ve had too many of those kinds of days lately! I love the quotes you share here. So inspirational. 🙂

  4. This. This is just what I needed to read. This week I have been pushing myself and ignoring the anxiety as best as I can that tonight its hard to take deep breaths. And these quotes are on point. Everything IS figureoutable lol

  5. Oh, how I can relate. Getting comfortable in our skin is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. Otherwise, everything feels like an uphill battle which in turn creates more anxiety. I remind myself by saying go with the flow. I once read that telling yourself yes to whatever comes your way, will help you reduce the flight or fight response, and allow one to move forward. It has really helped me. Great post!

  6. This is so true!! I think we all have those days where we just want to say “f-it”. Sharing so other know they aren’t alone is key. I love those quotes!

  7. Sometimes we all have these days and that’s okay. Just don’t stay there. I’ve had one of those weeks so I totally sympathize. I love inspirational quotes, too. They truly help me get inspired!

  8. I feel you – some days it just doesn’t feel like anything is going to go right. I’m sorry you had some days like these, but I hope life is starting to look up again. Love all the quotes!


  9. “Everything is figureoutable.” Hahahaha. I love it. So simple yet so much truth to it!

  10. I have had plenty of those kinds of days, they are rough and sometimes I think it’s ok to let the waves wash over and start again fresh. Great quotes, I should check out Girl Code!

  11. I love love love the last quote–everything is figureoutable.

    Yes to everything on this list. I have days when my anxiety is on high alert, for no reason whatsoever, an then days when it’s just a series of unfortunate events that propel me to not want to get out of bed.

    I try to remember that I’m my own worst critic, and the thoughts I have about myself are not the things others are thinking about me. Because I have the tendency to project my feelings onto others and I assume THEY think I’m XYZ. Does that make sense?

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing the inspirational quotes and to give you a gentle *HUG* and remind you that we are here for you 🙂 XOXO

  12. I absolutely love your blog name! I’m obsessed with yoga, actually I have a class in a couple minutes. I also suffer from extreme anxiety. I JUST posted a blog on my tips to deal with anxiety. I loved your post, stay strong sister!

  13. Ah, yes–I know these days + these feelings all too well. I love both that you’ve found a way to identify when it’s happening and how to help yourself through it. (*That last quote is perfection. Love.)

  14. I know this feeling all too well. We all do. It’s great that you’ve discovered baking helps you feel better! Just know that you’re not alone.

  15. Oh yeah! Those days are so obnoxious! I’m sorry you’ve been struggling. I hope that things get better soon. I love the quote about the rain. So true!

  16. “The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens, Don’t give up.”.. i like this, Thank you very much for sharing your story and the inspirational quotes!

  17. I totally know the feeling, and it is amazing the power some good inspirational quotes can have over ones mood! 🙂

  18. Girl, I know the feeling. I have days like that too, It’s like my anxiety takes over. I love these inspirational quotes as well.

    Thank you for sharing your story Leslie.

  19. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m a big believer that there are days you just have to self-care and stay in bed if you need to de-stress – but then the next day get up, dust it off, put your big girl panties on, and conquer!

  20. Ugh, yes, I’ve been struggling with this feeling lately too. I think I’ll feel a million times better once spring finally makes its way to Boston – I hope you feel better, too!

  21. Everything is “figureoutable”… I love that.

  22. I know this feeling all too well! Anxiety is a beast. I deal with it daily. Thank you for the inspiration!

  23. I know this feeling well. Especially as a writer, when I have no inspiration at all and am tearing my hair out so I completely empathise with you. However we all get through it eventually. The positive quotes were great too. Thanks Leslie.

  24. I’m sorry it was such a rough weekend! I can definitely relate – and I really like the quote about the worst being right before the miracle. I think it’s important to remind ourselves that things can feel bette right we just work to make it that way.

  25. I know that feeling all to well. Thank you for sharing your story and the quotes!

  26. I can relate to so much of this: anxiety, not feeling up to it, not feeling good enough, not coping, baking to alleviate stress, getting stressed when baking goes wrong, being in a better place when it goes well, going back to bed… It’s so tough sometimes.

  27. Ugh, somedays you just have to get back into bed and call it a day! Thanks for the inspirational quotes!

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