That Feeling

Have you ever had where you just get that feeling it is going to be one of those days, the one where you forget your breakfast, leave a blue ink stain on your white pants, spill your coffee all over your desk and yourself, & top it all off burn a batch of protein Sugar cookies? If not, consider yourself lucky!!

On days like these I can’t get my spirits up (i bake because it makes me feel good. Not so much when I burn my creations though) no matter how hard I try or what I try to do.

I had an extremely trying weekend where everything was a mess, my anxiety was through the roof (which is an understatement, i really dont like that feeling.) and when i did pull myself out of bed i was rather disappointed with how events played out (i didn’t even do my morning yoga routine – so that tells you something), i went back to bed and pulled the blankets over my head without even fighting it.

The days when i get dressed up, do my makeup, and have somewhere to be i feel motivated, confident, and pretty but what nobody else knows is there are times wishing i was someone else, rather than trying to figure out how to love myself. I am slowly starting to realize though that i should stop trying to fix myself and be comfortable in my own skin.

I like to look at inspirational quotes which make me feel better about the tiny pity party i throw myself. They give the hypothetical smack in the face that i need, i keep my favorite ones on a Pinterest board so i can revisit them as i need to.

If you’ve had a weekend like i have or you just need a little motivational push to fix your crown (i have been reading “Girl Code”) here are a few inspiring words to carry you through your day.





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  1. I totally know the feeling, and it is amazing the power some good inspirational quotes can have over ones mood! 🙂

  2. Girl, I know the feeling. I have days like that too, It’s like my anxiety takes over. I love these inspirational quotes as well.

    Thank you for sharing your story Leslie.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m a big believer that there are days you just have to self-care and stay in bed if you need to de-stress – but then the next day get up, dust it off, put your big girl panties on, and conquer!

  4. Ugh, yes, I’ve been struggling with this feeling lately too. I think I’ll feel a million times better once spring finally makes its way to Boston – I hope you feel better, too!

  5. Everything is “figureoutable”… I love that.

  6. I know this feeling all too well! Anxiety is a beast. I deal with it daily. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. I know this feeling well. Especially as a writer, when I have no inspiration at all and am tearing my hair out so I completely empathise with you. However we all get through it eventually. The positive quotes were great too. Thanks Leslie.

  8. I’m sorry it was such a rough weekend! I can definitely relate – and I really like the quote about the worst being right before the miracle. I think it’s important to remind ourselves that things can feel bette right we just work to make it that way.

  9. I know that feeling all to well. Thank you for sharing your story and the quotes!

  10. I can relate to so much of this: anxiety, not feeling up to it, not feeling good enough, not coping, baking to alleviate stress, getting stressed when baking goes wrong, being in a better place when it goes well, going back to bed… It’s so tough sometimes.

  11. Ugh, somedays you just have to get back into bed and call it a day! Thanks for the inspirational quotes!

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