Spring Cleaning Series – Cleaning Out the Bathroom

When I was cleaning out the bathroom a few weeks ago, I came across this mysterious plastic bag that I never saw before. I tried lifting it out from the back of the cabinet that it was stored in and discovered it was heavy and the objects made a distinct clunking sound, the sound of metal against metal. Placing the bag on the counter, I undid the loose knot and took a peek. Four army green canisters were in there and there were signs of rust in various spots. I had come across four propane cylinders…bought in 1999…by my mom…in preparation for the potential Y2K disaster. Yes, last time I checked, it’s 2017.

My name is Paula and I blog over at Her Life Is Love. This Spring Cleaning Series is a series for cleaning out and organizing the five major rooms in a home: bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, and the kitchen. Leslie was kind enough to give me space on her blog to write and share with you how easy it is to clean out your bathroom. While you may not find propane cylinders you never knew you had, there is bound to be something forgotten in storage somewhere in your own home. I recommend reading 5 Simple Rules for a Clean House before you start cleaning out the bathroom because this is the foundation for the Spring Cleaning Series.

Medicine Cabinet

Does your bathroom have a medicine cabinet? Do you actually keep medicine in there? Turns out, it’s not a good idea because the humidity from those hot showers can affect the medicine in the medicine cabinet. Remember how the unused propane cylinders had rust? Humidity.
Medicine: Toss out any medicine that has expired. Toss out anything you no longer know what its purpose is for. Medicine, especially prescription medicine, need to be tossed in a particular manner. Check with your local disposal companies. For example, in my area, I need to rip off the label from the container of prescription medicine and bring the remaining medicine to the police department. They have a box marked especially for the disposal of prescription medicine.
Makeup: If you keep makeup in your bathroom, be aware that the humidity of your bathroom can affect the quality as well. For tips on cleaning out your makeup stash, check out Spring Cleaning Series: Cleaning Out the Bedroom. unusable…toss.
Toiletries: Toss out anything old and broken. Hair ties that have lost their elasticity should be tossed. Hair brushes that are missing bristles or hair combs that have broken teeth should be tossed. Anything dried up and

Sink Cabinet and Drawers

Cleaners: I store a lot of cleaners down in the cabinet under the sink. Go through the ones you have and try to reduce their numbers. There are multi-purpose cleaners available for purchase that can help cut down on the number of cleaners you keep stored in your bathroom. Once again, toss the ones that are unusable.
Towels: Are you keeping towels that are really old? I mean the ones that have lost their fluff or are stained. Maybe you have some that are bleached out because you once washed your face with benzoyl peroxide. You have permission to toss them or reuse them as rags to wipe the floor and other stuff with.
Bath Products: The key with this category is to reduce, reduce, reduce. Try not to stock up on items in bulk because it creates clutter. Limit your stock to one or two of each item you absolutely need in your bathroom.

I hope you found these tips helpful in cleaning out the bathroom. My bathrooms are tiny so I don’t have much to cover when cleaning out the bathroom. Next up in the Spring Cleaning Series is organizing the bathroom. To get an idea of what I do to organize, check out Spring Cleaning: Organizing the Bedroom.

Do you have any categories of stuff in your bathroom that I missed? What is one of the strangest things you have found stored in your bathroom? Leave a comment with your tale!

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  1. My makeup drawer is horrible. I can’t even tell you when I purchased most of it. Smh. Toss, toss

  2. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m trying (DESPERATELY) to tackle small cleaning chores, bit by bit, and just last night I was going through the cabinet under the bathroom sink and unearthed at least four unopened deodorant bottles and bars of soap like you wouldn’t believe. I think sometimes we buy it and forget it and then we forget we have it and we go out to purchase more. Le sigh. Anyway, that’s hilarious re: Y2K and sounds like something I would do 🙂 Thanks for this and for the reminder to throw out old meds (I didn’t know there was a specific method for disposal!).


    1. Yes, that’s the danger of storing items and not having a proper home for them. It’s so easy to forget about them or have trouble finding them, go out buying more of the same stuff, and create clutter in the house. I once had three pairs of regular fabric/paper scissors and two kitchen scissors because I couldn’t find the other pairs when I needed them!

  3. I love you cleaning tips. I do this every year and I go room by room as well. Also, I love your sense of humor.

  4. Thank everyone for reading and welcoming Paula! You guys are great and i am gad you guys enjoyed the guest post.

  5. Great tips! I started to go through our bathroom, but I’ve got a long way to go. I have so many half empty shampoo bottles I just need to toss already. This gave me some motivation!

  6. I had to laugh that you still had propane cylinders that your mom bought for Y2K prep. Do kids today have any idea what that even means ha? I love all of your cleaning tips! It’s so important to go through everything in the bathroom periodically and get rid of broken and expired items.

    1. Thanks, Rose. I’m sure kids today can’t imagine prepping for Y2K and that their parents or grandparents may have participated in it!

  7. Awesome info! Looking forward to the rest of the series….

  8. I think the bathroom is one room we forget about. I know by the time I get to it, I’m usually moving and stuff has been expired for years. Yikes! Great tips tho. I definitely need them.

  9. I seriously need to tackle my bathroom — I just keep throwing more and more stuff in the drawers without ever weeding out the old. Good tips!

  10. Definitely needed it

  11. I need to get rid of a lot of bathroom clutter myself. Especially in the make up dept.

  12. Oh man this is an area I really do need to clean out. We have so much stuff in our bathroom that is not necessary!

  13. I just remodeled my bathroom and found so many different opened toiletries in the old vanity that I never used. It felt wasteful, but I threw them all away. I hadn’t used them in years, I’m sure I wasn’t going to start now!

  14. Oh man, I need to clean out my bathroom now!


  15. This came at just the right time for me, I’m in desperate need of some spring cleaning! Thanks so much for the tips!!

  16. Gah, I need to clean out my bathroom too. I swear that make-up and toiletries are like rabbits or something. Every time I think I’ve tossed and decluttered I look around and find more!!

  17. Hi Leslie, thanks again for letting me guest blog with you! Hope your migraines aren’t bothering you too much this week!

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