Moments Away From The Screen

Have you noticed how easy it is to get so caught up in working that you temporarily forget about the things that made ya happy?

I’ll admit that i have let work get in the way of my off the blog presence. I thought it would be fun to acknowledge the things that happened away from the computer screen lately.

Un // I had a job interview at Yankee Candle on Friday (yesterday). I want a part time job to keep me moving and to have some extra money. I have been so uninspired lately with all of the negativity around me.

Deux // I’d been thinking about cutting my hair for awhile now. I was browsing Pinterest when it caught my eye. It was a beautiful cut on a lady with curly hair, so i pinned it. Two weeks later i sent it to my hair dresser & got it done Friday morning! I don’t cut my hair but usually just trim it. She chopped off 5 1/2 inches!

Trois // There has been a few adventures that i am proud to say i made it through. With each time i found a different piece of myself. With Chimney Rock it was perseverance. At Catawba i found focus and let go of a few insecurities along the way up.

Quatre // Brushing up on my french (hints the numbers in French), just because. I love learning and i have always been in love with french culture.

Cinq // Self help books – I am reading “You Are A Badass” (like a lot of others), “Bad Magic”, & “You Are A Badass At Making Money “. Those are in the que anyway. I have read “Girl Code”, & “Girl Boss”. I had no idea how much i would love self help books. I have bookmarked a bit of pages in “You Are A Badass”.

Six // Crystals – i decided to give them a whirl. I think they are gorgeous pieces that also make great decor. I have the crystals i am attracted to in a organza bag in my purse, a few on my nightstand and even some by the computer. Each crystal has its own vibration level along with what it helps balance. I’m extremely new to dealing with them but i hope to learn more.

What’s been keeping you happy while away from your computer screen? Life is composed of these little moments that create our happiness.

6 Replies to “Moments Away From The Screen”

  1. I REALLY loved this post! Love the hair cut btw!

  2. Hi. I love crystals. I have a lot of them. They can be very calming.

  3. I’ve been enjoying self help books lately too. I’ll have to check out the ones you’re reading.

  4. Lovely. I getting more addicted to my screen tho

  5. Love the hair and hope the job comes through for you!

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