Living With Chronic Migraine And Anxiety

If you’ve had a migraine then you know the world stops, it’s time to go home, take a migraine medicine, and go to sleep.


This can be frustrating when you have plans or an activity you’ve been looking forward to for some time.

I was diagnosed with chronic migraine in 2014, i was constantly nauseous, sensitive to lights and sound, and genuinely felt like my head was going to explode.

As i also have sever anxiety (generalized & social – ontop of the medications i am prescribed i also help manage it naturally) the neurologist thinks these two are intertwined to a degree as migraines and/or headaches are common when one suffers from an anxiety disorder.

It has been suggested that Botox along certain areas around the head can help combat migraines. However these shots aren’t covered by my health insurance and are roughly $800-$1,000 oh and did i mention that would be every 3 months. Needless to say since i am a freelance writer and not a drug dealer there will be no botox.

Friends usually dont understand, they think it is just a headache and your exaggeration just being a drama queen. I can assure you, if someone you know has a migraine it feels like their head is in a vice grip so cut em’ some slack.

I have a few rituals i try before i decide to get carted off to the emergency room for a Toradol shot. I am not a doctor (unless WebMd would count jk) and we are all different so what helps me may not help you.

After i have taken my Relpax, Imitrex, or Rizatriptan i will do one of the following before the med KO’s me:

□ Try meditation for 10 minutes. I know it is hard but close your eyes, don’t think, not about the pain, unicorns, or Robert Downey Jr – nothing! Let any thought leave your mind.

□ Take a warm bath or shower. (I like baths with a Lush bath bomb (the Ickle Bot bomb is my go to for a migraine & anxiety because it contains lavender essential oil)

□ Ask a family member, significant other, or roommate to gently massage your neck and shoulders.

□ Apply lavender essential oil to the bottoms of your feet before you lay down to rest off the meds.

If you have anxiety and/or migraines what is your go to for relief?

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  1. My wife suffers from migraines too so I know what all this is. I will share this post with her. I’m lucky I found this!

    1. I hope she can get some relief, they are horrible!

  2. I hate migraines! I used to have them all the time until I got prescribed Lyrica for my fibro and now I don’t have them nearly as often. I appreciate these tips though!

  3. As much as I wouldn’t wish migraines on my worst enemy, it’s often a relief to meet others who experience the same thing. Mine are pretty regular and only happen on my period, so I wouldn’t say it’s chronic (more hormonal), but it sucks.

    Usually I try to free my schedule on the days I predict I’ll have a migraine. That way I don’t experience the severe FOMO I used to feel when I knew I was missing out on the fun, or if I knew I had a project to finish. I also try to relax with a guided meditation. I can only rid my migraines by sleeping, so I just sleep until it’s gone. Sometimes a damp washcloth over my eyes helps, too, since my migraines are usually along my nose or eyebrow.

    I hope you find a more permanent solution. My heart goes out to you! (Also, nice to meet you! I found this post via Blogging Boost.)

  4. I am sorry that you’re having to deal with all of this. I suffered from migraines throughout my teenage years and during my pregnancies (mine were horomone-induced)…I can’t imagine them being a part of my everyday life. I’m sorry! 🙁

  5. I started getting severe migraines (loss of vision, numbness in one side of my body, vomiting, incredible pain) when I was 11. I went through many migraine medications and nothing worked. Miraculously, cutting gluten completely out of my diet has reduced my migraines from twice a month or more to only 2 to 3 times a year! Hope you continue to find ways to cope!

  6. I have a chronic health disorder called dystonia that I have to get Botox for. I understand the anxiety, mine really accelerates when symptoms flare. I do things like yoga, aromatherapy, listening to meditation audio and meditating on scripture. I also like my salt lamp.

  7. great advice for folks that suffer from migraines. I used to work in the ED so I have so many suffer from them.

  8. My Mom gets severe migraines and they really knock her out. I’d not heard of the lavender oil trick, I’ll pass it on to her.

  9. I don’t suffer from migraines, but I can only imagine how debilitating that must be. Good for you that you’re trying different things to combat these symptoms.

  10. Hi Leslie,

    I can truly feel you, I have multiple chronic migraines with aura since 26 years, yep it started when I was 4years only. I totally feel you when you talk about the pain and I am so sorry you have to go through anxiety, too. But you know what? You are very strong, stronger than you think and you can be proud to manage life that well #SendsHugs
    If you are interested, I have written an article about my migraines, too – so you might want to have a look 😉

  11. AHH! This is me! I started Botox and it has helped tremendously!

  12. Anxiety is a beast. That seems to make everything worse. I can’t imagine a migraine on top of it. But I do know it makes my pain worse for sure. When its really bad I just call it a day and lay in bed. Breathing. Meditating I guess you could say. Im sorry you are dealing with this.

  13. The only thing that seems to work for my occasional migraine is wet towels, dark room, sleep and extra strength excedrine

  14. I have anxiety but I don’t suffer from migraines, so I imagine living with both is not easy. I’m glad you have some coping mechanisms!

  15. I do not wish migraines or anxiety on my worst enemy. I have had really bad headaches but nothing compared to what you go through. I’m sorry.

  16. I used to suffer from migraines, and was told it was a result of my fluctuating eyesight. I wouldn’t wish them on anyone because it was so debilitating. I’ve also suffered from anxiety, though never really at the same time, and can’t even imagine. Thanks so much for sharing these tips–I don’t take baths near enough and love LUSH so will have to look for some of those bath bombs.

    Sending you much love and healing <3 <3 <3

  17. I like to put peppermint oil on my forehead for migraines!

    1. Hi, I suffer from chronic migraines and anxiety. I take medication for both and have rejected Botox as an option because there have been no longer term tests done on them. I have made a mix of lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils with bees wax and shea butter which I rub into my temples, forehead and back of my neck, by my hair line when I feel the beginning of a headache and this has worked 99% of the time to get rid of it before it can even get to the migraine stage.

      Keep strong!

  18. Migraines are horrible. I just had one a few days ago. I agree that some people just don’t understand how much migraines hurt. Hopefully I won’t get another one, but if I do then I will try to meditate.

  19. I have never had a migraine, and I’m very grateful for that! I do have friends and family members who get occasional migraines and it sounds like complete misery.

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