Fall In Love With A Tiny House

I know some people don’t understand the tiny house craze or they just flat out don’t care. I’m hooked on TV shows like “Tiny House Nation” & “Tiny Luxury”! Who knew you could do so much with such a tiny space.

I don’t see how a family could live in a house only 600-700sq, they probably end up strangling each other but I think it’s perfect for one person or a couple.

I think my favorite part of the tiny houses are the lofts, I know there can not be a lot of room up there but I think it would be cozy and anyone that knows me knows that this functioning introvert loves to be cozy.

The little living rooms can be laid out just like a regular sized living room. Another pretty cool perk to the smaller version of living is you can have furniture that pulls double duty. A picture frame over a fireplace can double as a hidden TV compartment. Mmmhmm, pretty neat!

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Ahh, yes my favorite room! You tell me how you wouldn’t find this comfortable, go ahead. Not every loft has to be super tiny. You could have a base built for under your bed where you can store clothes and things. Clever, clever, clever.

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For me this would be where all the magic happened. I love to bake and I’m constantly trying out new recipes. Just look at the counter space, and it’s not ugly. I could see myself baking Christmas cookies or mixing some of my favorite sangria’s up in here.

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I think a tiny house would be great for saving money as well. You get all the amenities as a large house in a cute but smaller living space. Upgrades are also available like pools which would be great in the summer time and front or back decks, that would make lounging in the fall pleasant or watch the snow fall in the winter. I could only imagine your heating/cooling bill would be severely cut in half.

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  1. So why do people fall in love with tiny houses? I believe that it s because of the possibilities that living in one represents. What do you think? Do you agree?

  2. I could definitely see doing this by myself. With a family it would be a different story. The one you feature here is adorable!

  3. My husband wants a tiny house so bad. I actually think I could enjoy some of these!

  4. They all look like gorgeous tiny houses. With our kids there would be no way, but by myself, I could totally do it. I’ve lived in tiny apartments before.

  5. I love the tiny house movement…simplicity!

  6. We have 950 in San Francisco and I’ll admit, I love the ease in which I can get it cleaned up!

  7. What a cute little house.

  8. I love tiny houses — I think they are absolutely adorable and are a great way to minimize. With my mom living with us, three boys, and two large dogs we would not fit in a tiny house… Maybe once the kids are all out of the house 🙂

    1. Haha, yeah I’d say give it a little time.

  9. I love love love all things tiny (i am 5’1″ after all), but I have yet to convince my husband and three children that this should be our new lifestyle 🙂 My oldest (8) is totally on board. Maybe someday!

  10. I think it’s perfect for a couple and a dog not sure about kids but I love this so cute and clever!!

    Corsica | kissesfromcarolina.com

  11. I’m like obsessed with Tiny Houses on HGTV so this just made me happy all over. Love it!

  12. gorgeous. I love the way they manage to declutter and live with less, and all of the great storage ideas

    1. I know, it’s so interesting to me. I love the shows too.

  13. I love how they make the most of the small space! Makes me want to move into a tiny house so I can get rid of a bunch of stuff!

    1. I know, they do a great job with the space that’s available.

  14. What!? A loft with a bookshelf? That’s the only problem I’ve ever found with a tiny home: where to put my books. Now I’m all in.

    1. Hah, I know I saw the loft and the book self and I actually let out a little squeak. I love it! I think they are cool houses.

  15. I would trade with my own house right away!

    1. Haha, I’ve fallen in love.

  16. I got totally hooked into watching a tiny house show on TV a couple weeks ago when I was staying at my parents house and it reminded me how nice it is to live a more minimal lifestyle. As soon as I got home, I started figuring out what of my stuff I could get rid of, sell, condense!

    1. I’ve been thinking about it too. I’m renting but how cool would it be to have a little house like that. They could make them look like regular sized houses except little miniature houses. I love them.

  17. This house! I love it! If I didn’t have children, I would love to have this!


    1. I love it too. I think they are so cute.

  18. I am obsessed with tiny houses! I just love the ingenuity they use by making use of every space. Makes me even feel that I could even make better use of the space in our small two bedroom apartment in the city. I also love how you can’t keep any clutter in a tiny space!

    1. That is one of my favorites about them, the use of space. I also love they can make the mini houses look just like a bigger house except tiny, hah.

  19. I find these shows fascinating! Living in a tiny house doesn’t interest me unless it’s a second place on a lake or in the woods!

    1. Haha, on the lake or in the woods would be great.

  20. I do love this idea so much! But not until the kids are grown and on their own lol…I love them, but a little space is good sometimes 🙂

    1. I asked why she didn’t think of it when we were younger. Haha, my mom said the same thing when her and I had the conversation. Hah.

  21. I would totally live there! Very cute house.

    1. Isn’t it cute, I love it too.

  22. We live in 350 square feet in New York City and I love it!

    1. That’s awesome! I want one so bad.

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