Why Am I Addicted To Virtual Races?

Half marathon

I’ll tell ya why because I love doing virtual races! They are my perfered go to, not only because i can do them on my time (between the specified days), you turn in your actual time after you race to receive your bling (medal), there isn’t a crowd of people like the regular races (i have really bad anxiety and big crowds make me super nervous!).

As with any race you can go it alone or you can bring a friend to join you. I like to stick to the 5k or 10k virtual races and do my half marathons in person. Running 13.1 miles is really challenging to go at it alone. You don’t need so much stuff on a 5k or 10k like you do on a half marathon. If your planning a half marathon for the first time check out my half marathon must haves and be equipped with everything you need for your up coming journey!

There are a lot of runners out there who think virtual races aren’t true medals and they are a rip off, some say its just buying medals. I don’t understand the logic behind that because your required to turn in your time after you complete your race.

I love running them because i can do it either during the week or knock them out on the weekend. However you decide to do it – it makes you feel good and your doing it for a great cause.

Here are my favorites:
St. Jude End Childhood Cancer
Races For Awareness
Virtual Strides

If your a runner or even a walker these would be great for you and they help great causes. I wasn’t compensated in anyway for this post, i just think awareness needs to be raised both about the charities and to know its ok and fun to participate in virtual races.

5 Replies to “Why Am I Addicted To Virtual Races?”

  1. I have never heard of a virtual race before – I will definitely be checking these out! They sound so fun!

  2. I’ve never heard of a virtual race! I actually have anxiety myself so tend to freak out in bigger crowds (the 14 people stuck in a house this past weekend was about as much as I can handle!). Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. Yes!! The struggle is real! I choose to run these races alone with my earbuds in and my tracker on. It’s kind of enjoyable and helps a lot with stress.

  3. I had no clue this was an option! I’m going to have to look into this going forward.

    1. I think its one of the best options, you can go alone or with a group. I like that it goes towards a good cause. Thank you for stopping by!

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