About Me

Hi there! I’m Leslie and I’m the mastermind & editor behind Namaste & Eat Cupcakes. I started this blog in hopes to connect with other foodie, fitness/healthy, lifestyle & crafty bloggers like myself.

I’m a loud, picky, sarcastic, latte addicted, crafty, half marathon running, baker that lives on the East Coast. I am a 30 something gal trying to take on the world. I love music, cartoons & animation-ed adventures, baking, doing crafts, playing with my FURbabie Quinn, & hanging out with my amazing friends (usually around a glass of great wine and the occasional board game). I’m a fun loving person with tons of energy. I love nights, preferably cold winter nights. I love sweatshirts and toe socks hiding out under a blanket watching the I.D Network.

I graduated as a pastry chef in 2010 but i spend my days freelance writing, I love words so it is the perfect job! Even though this isn’t what i intended to do when i started pastry art’s it’s ok. I love life and i will take the good with the bad because its the life i was meant to have.

Random fun facts about myself

• I’m an insomniac, which works because I’m also a night owl.
• I don’t like being touched (by my nail technician, massage therapist, or best friend), I don’t want their germs, I have my own.
• I ran my first half marathon in September 2015. I didn’t train for it and I couldn’t walk for 3 days afterwards.
• I’m addicted to my fitbit. I just love looking at the steps I’ve taken and the miles I’ve been throughout the day. It’s motivating!
• I’m terrified of snakes! No matter the size, color, shape, etc of them. I accidentally stepped on a itty bitty gross baby one & still had a panic attack.
• My favorite color is lavender. I find it very simple & serene.
• My favorite food is penne & meatballs & my homemade Italian bread. Out of all the things, I know.
• I have a twin brother {my womb mate}. He is my best friend & I dunno how anyone could live without a twin.
• I’m obsessed with how I smell. I get upset when I can’t smell myself. I’ve got about 100 different fragrances in my car, room, bathroom, & at work. Variety is the spice of life right?
• I’m addicted to my phone. I fall on the verge of a panic attack every time I can’t find it.
• I could listen to music all day everyday. I love all kinds – alternative, country, rock, jazz, drum & bass.

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