A Cup of Adagio Tea

**I was contacted by Adagio Teas to review their teas. I am not an affiliate of Adagio Teas and i do no make commission if you make a purchase from the links. Although i was given the teas, all the views are mine.** Teas are my favorite beverage to drink during any season. The choice […]

The Brain Behind The Blog

Isn’t it fun to know the brains behind the blog operation? We all share unique content but other than reading the carefully put together “About Me” section, we really don’t know the random quirks about the blogger behind the blog. Do you pick your nose and wipe it under your car seat? (i hope not!), […]

Lush Yoga Bath Bomb Review

Everytime i am in the mall browsing around with everyone else in the neighboring counties i swing around the corner and smell some of the most amazing scents. I was staring at the storefront of Lush, i looked from afar at all the body wash, face scrubs, and bath bombs in amazement at just how […]


I think it’s fun to read more about the inner workings of other bloggers. As weird as that may seem, think about it. It is only human nature to be curious. I would like to introduce you to my brother, my twin brother. I like to think i got the brains and of course he […]