A Serious Life Revamp


I have been in a downward spiral here in the last few months. My anxiety has revved up and my depression has reared it’s ugly head (is it just me, or do you think of a stone gargoyle when you say that?) again. You’d think with all of the sunshine during the summer i would be uberly happy, right. Yeah so not the case. I think i am in need of a serious life revamp. I’ve decided since it makes me feel pretty that I’d start getting manicures & pedicures regularly. I got them done last weekend and i love […]

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Some Delectable And Irresistible Cakes for All Occasions


In our part of the world, cakes come as a secondary option of sweets as our country knows various ways of preparing their own sweet dishes. But with the advancement of time, cakes with many varieties have stormed our world. Apart from being tasty, cakes also make for a lovely gift item. You can order for cakes online and make your life easier. Here’s a list of some irresistible cakes that you can have on your platter on various occasions. 1. Blueberry buckle: As blueberry is a summer item, you can get this piece of heavenly cake for those people […]

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Yoga For Back Pain


Somedays are hard, psychically. You ache all over but the worst is your lower back. Your looking for anything that will dull or eliminate the pain. I love yoga, with the right sequence of poses relief is achivable without taking all those medicines. I myself try to yoga my way out of my day. I have a morning, bedtime, stress relief, and a lower back pain routine. I love yoga, with the right sequence of poses relief is achivable without taking all those medicines. I myself try to yoga my way out of my day. I have a morning, bedtime, […]

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Don’t Take Your Shoes Off


It’s already October, i am shrieking with joy (although that may not be what joy sounds like). I absolutely LOVE fall, what’s not to love i ask you? There are fires in the fire pits, s’mores, coffee with Bailey’s, and the pretty color leaves. Oh the pretty color of the leaves! I think my favorite thing of all about fall is when the cool crisp air knocks the 105° heat out not to be heard from again until next summer. I like searching for the perfect pumpkin in my sweater and boots. I will be a little sad as i […]

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Tuesday Things


I came across Jessica’s “Tuesday Things” post last week and i thought it was a really fun post to read. It’s been insanely crazy busy the last few weeks, co workers have gone on vacation, work piled up, anxiety has been rearing its head for the last month as well. Shaun has been so great throughout the entire month, he’s so laid back and he helps calm me, he also rubs my feet every night! Yes, yes he is a keeper. 1. I decided to try my hand at freelancing and got my first writing job & completed it! I […]

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Things I Love To Waste Money On


It’s said you should save money and not spend it on pointless things, i am pretty sure you’ve heard it before. However, my pointless and your pointless might be two totally different pointlesses (did i make up yet another word?). Sometimes you have to take a break from your life to find, do, or buy something you enjoy and that makes you truly happy and feel blessed. Your lucky because some people can’t afford to do it very often, which makes me sad. As long as they find happiness in something they can indulge in now and again makes me […]

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My Morning Routine


I haven’t always been one for a routine but over the years of adulting i’ve found it’s a lot easier than not having one. The thing about routines is that they are a little tricky. It might not sound very exciting but it works for me. I like reading about other’s routines, that might sound weird or nosey even. As a blogger you put most of your life out there anyway, why not your routines too? You never know, it may end up structuring someone else. 5:20 am // the alarm goes off, disrupting the great dreams that are showing […]

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Why Am I Addicted To Virtual Races?

Half marathon

I’ll tell ya why because I love doing virtual races! They are my perfered go to, not only because i can do them on my time (between the specified days), you turn in your actual time after you race to receive your bling (medal), there isn’t a crowd of people like the regular races (i have really bad anxiety and big crowds make me super nervous!). As with any race you can go it alone or you can bring a friend to join you. I like to stick to the 5k or 10k virtual races and do my half marathons […]

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20 Favorite Instagram Moments


I love looking at Instagram & I like seeing what people post. It warms my heart to see a family having fun, a delicious food, or a motivational quote. I’ve had Instagram for awhile now and I though i’d run through and pick out my favorite moments from near and far. These memories are in no particular order of importance and a few of them are a little older but they are still my favorites. If you think my photos are great and that i’m awesome and worthy, you can click here to follow me. I think Instagram is one […]

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5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Go


We’ve all been there at some point, that Apple Danish is calling your name and whispering sweet nothings in your ear. I know on occasion you’ll have a talk with yourself saying you’ll walk that extra mile if you eat it. Don’t fall for it! Some food has a lot of processed ingredients and your brain might be telling you it’s a “treat” when in fact it’s not. I use to pop anything in my mouth but then I started reading labels and I decided I didn’t want that stuff in my body, once I made that decision I felt […]

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